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When pain or a health challenge hits, you can feel scared, confused and helpless. With chronic pain and chronic conditions, you can start to feel that you have to learn to live with it. Many are tired of the roller-coaster of drugs, yet don’t know what to do. Dr. Roy works with people who want answers and guidance with their health challenges.

Dr. Roy’s health model and methods are helping people get their health and life back. You also have the opportunity to learn various self-healing techniques to help you take back control and responsibility for your health.

Dr. Roy has made the commitment and dedicated his life to finding natural, wholistic answers to your health challenges. It is his firm belief that you can live a longer, healthier, happier, more productive life. Remember, when striving to heal the whole you, there is always hope.

A Personal Story from Dr. Roy

Once upon a time, I was you. I believed all of the things you probably do, and did all of the things that you are probably doing. Thank God I discovered the truth before I did too much harm, and too much damage was done.

I was diagnosed at 18 years old with high blood pressure and a rapid heartbeat. I followed traditional medical care. I was taking medications, and more medications. During this time, no cause could be found.

I used to eat whatever I wanted to eat. My pressure went up, and so did my weight. Now, I was also having stomach problems. No problem – just take more drugs.

I did everything the “experts” said to do. Yet I wasn’t feeling any better, wasn’t doing any better, and wasn’t getting any better. I was getting worse. I, therefore, decided to look outside the traditional care. I started looking to alternatives.

I started taking vitamins. I started exercising. I started watching what I ate. Hey, it was natural – It must be safer, and help. Wrong! Still no improvement. Once again, I was doing everything the “experts” said to do.

Then one day, I discovered chiropractic. Oh, not the type of chiropractic you might be thinking of. I discovered true chiropractic, where the whole you is considered. Well, to make a long story short, I was able to get off all drugs, and was completely healed. I even followed this approach to get rid of my back pain and sciatica.

It was then that I decided to dedicate my life to helping people with their health and saving people’s lives, the way I was helped, and the way I was saved. I became a chiropractor, and then continued – and continue to this day – my education, to specialize in treating the whole you.

Everything I tell you to do, eat, or take as a supplement, I have been doing for years. I do a traditional diet everyday. I take natural whole food supplements everyday. I drink lots of water every day. I pray and meditate everyday, and I get regular ongoing chiropractic care even though I have no symptoms. Why? For Wellness.

Whether you have an ache or pain, a chronic illness, chronic pain, or want to get healthy and stay healthy for a lifetime, in my opinion, this is the way to go.

I am living proof. I welcome you to be a part of the journey.

You see . . .

My mission is to help as many people in my lifetime as I can. I discovered a method, a system that allowed me to heal and get off all medications.

It was at this time that my life changed. I decided not to go to medical school. My passion and enthusiasm took me to Logan College of Chiropractic where I graduated with honors.

My purpose was to be a specialist in holistic care – in other words, to treat the whole person. And reach as many families as possible.

That life transforming system that I discovered you have the opportunity to discover in our office.

I have made the commitment and dedicated my life to finding natural, holistic answers to your health challenges. I strive to learn, and be the best. I am constantly studying the body, the mind-body connection and self-improvement.

Come in for symptom care. Then stay on for health care. Ultimately, move on to wellness care – the life-transforming event. Live your life expressing your fullest health and human potential.

It is my firm belief that you can live a longer, healthier, happier, more productive life. It is possible to have better health, a better life, and a better world!

Thank you for learning about me. Now I look forward to learning about you!

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