New Patients

Our work together begins with an assessment. In the first session, there will be some paperwork to fill out, then we will sit down and discuss your situation. After that, I will check your spine and nervous system to see if there are any interferences that may be affecting your health. Also, your height, weight, and blood pressure will be checked. If additional tests are needed, I will recommend that to you at that time.

Once I have all the necessary information about you, we will sit down and I will go over your results and recommend a plan for your based on my extensive training and over 30 years experience. I will tailor to you the right combination of modalities so that we can help you become pain-free, healthy, and well as much as possible, and back to the activities that you long to participate in again.

Some of this may be covered by your insurance if I am on your plan. Some of this will not be covered by insurance; however, it is our belief that it will be the fastest, most effective, best way to help you get back to the life you long for.

It is important to understand what is the cause of your issue, the cause of your symptom. If you only treat the presenting symptom, it may feel good for a while, but most likely will not get better and heal, and it usually returns and may actually get worse as time goes on. I help you get to the root of the issue. For many, the pain or presenting symptom is a gateway to the underlying factors which are at the core of the issue.

These days, it’s rare to have only one factor cause a problem. Any imbalance leads to dis-ease, which can then lead to pain and disease. This is why we emphasize the importance of balancing the entire body to eliminate the direct causes of illness, rather than merely give some temporary relief. However, we will strive to help you at the level you desire.

As one of my mentors always says: “It’s your health, your life, your choice.” And you do have a choice.

Thank you – I look forward to working together.

To your good health,
Dr. Norman Roy